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WITNESS, a UK based brand works by enabling you to represent your real world processes in a dynamic animated computer model and then experiment with alternative ‘what-if ?’ scenarios to identify the optimal solution. Eurika offers skills in Witness Simulations and training.

What do we mean by Simulation?
Simulation, through the use of simulation software, is the science of creating statistically accurate models to represent the behaviour of real life systems in order to subject them to predictive experimentation. These experiments or scenarios can then enable ‘what if?’ questions to be answered without risk or disturbance to the real life system.

Discrete Event Simulation works by modelling the individual events that occur at given time intervals, taking into account resources, constraints and the way they interact. It also includes the randomness and variability you will see in real life. In this way, it behaves like a real process, such as a manufacturing line; a call centre or an airport baggage handling system. Lanner’s simulation software, WITNESS, L-SIM®, PRISM and Px-SIM products all use Discrete Event Simulation.

When would you use Simulation Software?
Processes that involve variability, disruptions and interaction complexity are ideal for simulation. Other techniques for measuring processes, such as spread sheets and flow diagrams, often ignore or treat these factors as averages, with important consequences.

What has Eurika done?
Successfully completed a Research and Development project titled “ Development of E-Motor – A supply Chain Management Solution for automotive industry”.The R&D projects provide useful insight to Eurika on the real need of companies in Malaysia on the usage of Supply Chain Management System. Offered a complete supply chain management solution via our collaboration with Millennium Business Solutions Sdn Bhd and Take Ltd of India.

  • URUS ERP is designed and built tailored to meet the needs of industry such as automotive industries.
    • It offers innovative solution by rapidly respond in real time to changes in demand and supply.
    • Coordination capabilities with a greater visibility into :
      • Forecasting
      • Planning and schedule
      • Production and process
      • Inventory
      • Transaction
      • Customer and vendor interaction
      • Logistic
    • Supports the seamless integration with accounting for comprehensive cost control.
  • E-Motor portal enhances the system with the ability to communicate and collaborate business information across the extended enterprise

Information are unified and synchronized through this centralized data warehousing, tracking order and delivery status never been so much easier than before. Users can put more afford and time focusing on business implementation more effectively at a lower cost and accelerating return on investment.

  • Clients:
    • Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad
    • Production Planning & Control, PERODUA Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
    • Kulim Technology Park Corp. Sdn Bhd
    • Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering,Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
    • Department of Engineering Design and Manufacture (EDM), Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya (UM)
      Mechanical Engineering Department,
    • Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)
    • Fakulti Teknologi Maklumat dan Sains Kuantitatif, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
    • School of Mechanical, Engineering Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
    • Jabatan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal dan Pembuatan, Fakulti Kejuruteraan, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
    • School of Manufacturing System Engineering. Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia (KUKUM)
    • Jabatan Kejuruteraan Industri, Malaysia France Institute (MFI)
    • Jabatan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal, Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan & Teknologi Malaysia (KUKTEM)